Sliding glass doors - fall in love with a bright space

The popularity of glass doors seems to be just growing - although the loft style has been triumphing in the world of design for years, many interior lovers are only now beginning to appreciate the advantages of glass doors, both aesthetic and purely practical. In this article, you will learn everything about sliding glass doors.

Why do we like sliding glass doors?

You probably already know that in Reno we love everything wooden (just look at our post where we praise the beauty of the natural pattern of wood; we sincerely recommend the article about our fascination with wooden sliding doors!), but glass is equally dear to us.

Glass turns out to be universal, modern, and at the same time does not take away the cosiness of the interior. It does not have to be associated with austere skyscrapers, what's even more, the glass is not exclusive to the loft style! Below we have prepared for you some interesting projects with glass sliding doors, worth being inspired by.

Why is it worth to include a glass door in the interior? We will be happy to tell you a bit about it, and we will also share the opinions of our customers.

Nordic style decorations set on a white bookcase, glass sliding door for white kitchen, glass door in black metal frame

1. They allow the light to pass through

Glass sliding doors are an ideal solution for rooms where we want to let the natural light in, while not having the space completely open. They allow you to get the effect of a bright, spacious interior. Take a look at the Industrial Style models in some arrangements.

2. They minimise the sounds, but do not separate completely

Glass doors are an interesting solution that brings cohesion to the interior. With them, you will soundproof the most important rooms (for example, your home office), but at the same time you will not separate them completely from the rest of the apartment.

Thanks to this, you will get a soundproofing of the room at a very similar level as when using wooden doors, but the perception of space will be completely different. Not feeling closed or cut off is extremely valuable in certain contexts.

reading corner, blue denim sofa, metal and glass sliding door, industrial door, bright room, blue and yellow decorative pillows, wall flower bed

3. Perfect for the office, living room or dining room

As we have already mentioned, sliding glass doors are a great solution for the office, but there are more ideas! Our customers are happy to add them to their living room or dining room, as well as the kitchen.

One of the most popular uses is to separate the dining room and living room or the living area from the resting area - no matter if the interior is small or really spacious, glass doors will allow you to decide when you need a little more privacy, or when you want to have 100% access to every corner of the house.

Versatility of use is a great advantage of glass doors - take a look at the Industrial Style models, for example. If you use frosted glass in it, the doors will work even in the bathroom - and how spectacular they will look!

4. They give the interior a unique character

No two glass doors are the same ;) Do you know how many types of frames and glass we have in Reno? Just by choosing the white or black elements makes a difference, let alone the individual types of glass. Thanks to such diversity and personalization options, each interior will gain a truly unique character. Every detail matters!

Take a look at the different variants of Industrial Style models:

5. Great for small interiors

If you want to have the light, but still want to separate two rooms and give them a more cosy character, glass doors are a fantastic choice. A completely open passage might be too obvious, and solid doors might be too heavy.

Sliding doors in small interiors are a great choice for those who like simple, bright interiors but cannot afford more square footage.

The types of glass we use in sliding doors

Milky glass

It is opaque, which makes it perfect for separating spaces where you need more privacy. Perfect for spacious bathrooms, but it will also work well in the bedroom. It lets not so much light in, so if you care about the effect of a bright interior, it should not be your number one choice. In milk glass, we use a matt white foil, which makes it completely opaque.

Milky glass

It is opaque, which makes it perfect for separating spaces where you need more privacy. Perfect for spacious bathrooms, but it will also work well in the bedroom. It lets not so much light in, so if you care about the effect of a bright interior, it should not be your number one choice. In milk glass, we use a matt white foil, which makes it completely opaque.

Transparent glass

The classic - safe glass without frills, transparent, light- and image- transmitting without distortion, maximally universal. It is transparent glass that is most often chosen by our customers for the living room or dining room, but also for the office, thanks to the maximum light transmission.

Wired transparent glass

Very similar to classic clear glass, but with a twist! It transmits similar amounts of light, but adds a retro character to the interior thanks to the embedded metal mesh, which additionally increases the strength of the glass. It will be perfect for houses arranged in the industrial style, as well as communist style interiors. They will work in the kitchen, living room or even a dressing room.

Double sided mirror

Models with a mirror are often chosen for bedrooms and dressing rooms thanks to their functionality. It does not transmit light, but reflects it, same as it reflects the image of the interior, giving the impression of more space.

Other types of glass - on request

Haven't we mentioned already that the variety of glass doors is endless? Well, we say it again! In Reno, we love challenges and interesting interiors, which is why we are happy to fulfill your special request.

One of the most interesting unique types of glass is fluted glass. It allows you to play with the structure of glass, its form and transparency. Refractions of light rays and colors, thanks to the unique structure of the glass, emphasize the exceptional character of the interior.

How to order a door with your own design and unusual glass? Write us an e-mail or leave a message in the form.

Are glass doors safe?

Short answer is: yes. Now, we will explain why we are so confident about it.

Safety glass or tempered glass

We often get questions whether the glass we use is tempered. It is worth knowing that there is absolutely no need to use tempered glass in such a construction. We ensure full safety for all users of sliding glass doors by using a different type of glass - laminated safety glass (VSG).

To simply put it, VSG is a type of glass that, even when broken, will not break into pieces and will not pose a hazard.

How does it work? VSG is a combination of two glass panes, with PVB or EVA film (each of which is tear-resistant) between them. The film does not block the flow of light, but in the event of glass breakage, it ensures that the glass will stick to it - works similar as with car windows.


Glass doors will work perfectly in your home if you want to ensure greater interior space and maximum light transmission. Thanks to different variants of both frames and glass, sliding glass doors will add an unusual character to the interior, perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences - both functional and aesthetic.

If you have any questions or want to order your own unique sliding glass door to size or with original types of glass - write to us!