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10 things you should know before buying sliding doors

The choice and purchase of sliding doors for the interior is always associated with stress - it is an important decision both for the aesthetics of the apartment and for the household budget. We have created this article to bring you closer to the road that you need to go from planning the purchase to enjoying the fully installed sliding doors. We hope that we will be able to make not only the last part enjoyable, but actually the entire route!

We will tell you how to plan the purchase and how to measure sliding doors. You will also find out whether it is possible to install sliding doors on a wall made of plasterboard and how much space will be left between the door and the wall. After reading this article, nothing will be a mystery to you any more. Have a good read!


1. How to plan the purchase of the door? Waiting times

Most sliding doors are made to order, they are not available immediately - this is also the case with us in Reno. Since the waiting time for the door is 6 to 8 weeks, we recommend planning the purchase well in advance.

Individual projects

For individual projects, the waiting time is extended to 10 weeks. Is it a lot? Yes, but it's definitely worth it - in personalized orders, every detail will be tailored to you. We will listen to what you need to recreate it in our project as good as possible.

Purchasing process

Remember that making the door by the producer is only one of the steps - you must also include the time to make a decision and order samples. The purchasing process itself usually lasts from 7 to 14 days.


Minimalist versus classics - what about the different sliding systems?

In Reno shop you will find two types of sliding systems: classic models and the Minimalist model. Classic models, e.g. Simple or Roller, have visible rollers mounted above the door. The Minimalist models, on the other hand, have a system with invisible rollers attached to the back of the door. We write about it in the context of measurements and door selection, because measuring the necessary space for different models will look different.

In classic systems, such as Roller and Simple, more space should be left above the door for the correct installation of the rollers, because they are located above the door.

The standard sliding system protrude above the door from 15 cm (e.g. SIMPLE) to 22 cm (e.g. ROLLER). This is the distance needed above the door for proper door installation. This value should be added to other dimensions, remembering that this is the extra space above the door itself, not the door opening.

Take a look at a practical example with the classic model:

  • Door opening –> 206 cm
  • Door height (opening height + margin) -> 210 cm
  • Mounting distance above the ground –> 1 cm
  • Required space above the door –> 15 cm
  • The minimum height of the wall on which such a sliding door can be mounted is: 210 cm + 1 cm + 15 cm = 226 cm.

In the case of the Minimalist system, the sliding system is located behind the door, so there is no need to leave space for rollers, 2 cm space above the door is enough for their correct installation.

Take a look at a practical example with the Minimalist model:

  • Door opening –> 206 cm
  • Door height (opening height + margin) -> 220 cm
  • Mounting distance above the ground –> 1 cm
  • Required space above the door –> 2 cm
  • The minimum height of the wall on which such a sliding door can be mounted is: 220 cm + 1 cm + 2 cm = 223 cm.

On our website you will find a buying guide in which we thoroughly describe the process of measuring the door and write more about the materials and the specificity of single and double doors.

Tip: Pay attention to the fact that the door must have room to slide, so the width of the door you order should fit on the wall next to the door opening to be able to open it easily to its full extent.

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Non-standard sizes - is it a problem?

And what if the door opening in your interior does not fit into the standard sizing? The purchase of sliding doors is also possible in this situation. Non-standard dimensions are not a problem for us, because we can make doors in almost any size, of course within the maximum production dimensions. All you have to do is ask us for a quote and give us the sizes you are interested in, and we will take care of the rest.


4. Choosing the colour of the door

How to choose the color of the door? It might seem that this is the simple and pleasant part, but it might not be the case!

The colour of the door is really best seen live to make the right decision. It is worth ordering colour samples to be able to see them in real light. Preview on the Internet is not the same - the issue of lighting, especially in the case of oiled doors, is extremely important. Also, everyone has different screen settings, so colours may incorrectly seem warmer or cooler than they actually are.

Therefore, we encourage you to order samples that will allow you to avoid mistakes. Although samples are payable, we subtract their value from the order amount when you decide to buy sliding doors from us. Also, from time to time, promotional codes appear on our Instagram and Facebook that will allow you to get free samples. Make sure to follow us!

NCS and RAL palettes

Do you have to order samples for NCS and RAL colour palettes as well? In contrary to the colours of oiled doors, these are standardized colours, safer in a way, because in theory they are always the same. Nevertheless, we believe that it is always better to look at the considered shades in the context of a specific interior, so that the decision is 100% conscious and well-thought-out.


5. Installation of the door on the plasterboard wall

Do you think that the wall on which you would like to mount your door prevents you from buying sliding doors? Don't worry - we will show you 3 ways to install sliding doors on a plasterboard wall. These solutions make the installation of sliding doors possible, regardless of whether the plasterboard wall is already standing or is to be built.

  • icon1. Mounting kit by Reno
    For finished walls! The fastest and easiest installation option if the plasterboard walls are already built and we want to avoid renovation.
  • icon2. Additional mounting bar
    For finished walls! Attractive if you want to hang pictures on the wall along which the door slides.
  • icon3. Reinforcement at the construction stage
    For walls under construction! For those who are just building their home and dream of a Reno door, but are forced to put up a drywall wall.
  • icon

    8. What will fit behind the sliding door? Socket, skirting board or nothing at all?

    When deciding to buy a sliding door, you must be aware of what we wrote on the topic of measuring the door. Not only the door opening is important, but also the same amount of space on the wall next to the opening. Since you must use this space to open the door, it is worth considering whether the sockets, skirting board and other elements of interior design will fit behind the open door?

    Much depends on the door model, but usually the answer is yes. Depending on the door model, the distance from the wall varies.

    What is the distance between the door and the wall? Sliding doors and skirting boards

    The sliding door stands out from the wall by about 1.8 cm. Standard skirting boards with a thickness of 1.4 cm, switches with a thickness of 0.8-1 cm or sockets with a thickness of 0.9-1.2 cm will easily fit on the wall along which the door leaf will move. However, remember to measure all such elements before assembly.

    If you want to manipulate the distances a bit, you can use an additional spacer or replace the spacer included in the sliding set with a different one, increasing or decreasing the distance. You can read more about this in the article 'How to change the distance between the door and the wall'.