About Us

Modern design

The objects we surround ourselves with say a lot about us. Their excess does not allow you to find pleasure in communing with true beauty. We believe that in a good interior, you should focus on a unique element that expresses your personality. We interpret good interior design as one that will skillfully complement this element.

Sustainable design

We follow the idea of sustainable design. It means minimizing the environmental impact of the production process. We want to spread this idea among our clients, causing a change in consumer behaviour in other sectors.

We put much work to reach the most ecologically responsible sources of materials and making sure that our products are environmentally friendly and healthy for their owners.

Long-lived design

We are confident that giving our product to the user - will serve him for many years. The high quality of wood, steel elements, and the sliding system is the result of our constant search for suppliers who can provide us with a satisfactory product. We make sure to choose the best quality materials and that the design of our system allows for long-term use. The elements of our doors are interchangeable. When there is a need for replacement, it can be achieved at the lowest cost for the customer and with the lowest environmental impact.

Renewable design

A great benefit of the system, in which we replace small elements, not the entire door, is also the ease of refreshing their appearance. Once hung, they can stay in place for a long time. Our system allows the replacement of decorative elements, such as handles, fittings, tracks. In this way, the same wooden door can adapt to changes in the style of the interior and the preferences of the homeowners.

Design for health

Such an essential element of interior design as the door, which we pass, touch or move several times during the day should not harm us. The natural beauty of wood loves to undergo natural decorative and care treatments. Deep consideration on what to use for finishing or cleaning wood and steel elements allows us to say, with certainty, that our doors are not only beautiful but also safe.