White sliding doors - how to choose the perfect one?

White is a safe colour. Universal, brightening the interior and beautiful in its simplicity. No wonder that interior sliding doors in the shades of white are so popular. Find out about the finishes of the white, wooden versions of doors and find why you should use them in your home.

Choose naturalness

If you like Scandinavian or rustic interiors, white sliding doors will quickly steal your heart. They introduce a unique atmosphere of naturalness, home warmth and look much better than standard models made of board.

Wooden elements of furnishing are a timeless decoration of any interior. Therefore, a properly finished white interior door completed with a sliding system is not only a great comfort and freedom of arrangement. It is also an original decorative element that fits classic and modern apartments. What's more, we can choose from many textures and degrees of transparency of the paint, which allows for lots of flexibility. The effect depends on what you choose, because ...

White doesn't have to be boring!

On the contrary. In our offer, you will find two types of white colour finishing, that is:

Opaque white
Rustic white

Opaque white

In this case, the wood colour of the sliding door is invisible. Perfect for modern and Scandinavian-style interiors, where shades of deep, pure white colour are the basis of the arrangement.

Rustic white

As the name says, it is white for rustic-style apartments. In this case, the wood texture on the white doors gently shows through the paint layer, creating an intriguing and somewhat artistic effect. Rustic white will work wherever references to nature and tradition dominate, for example, in classic, ecological interiors filled with wooden accessories, industrial, ethnic and retro.

Why is wood a better option than furniture board?

  • it is ecological,
  • it allows you to get the effect of naturalness,
  • always fashionable and timeless,
  • it is a perfect base for interior design,
  • it introduces an impression of cosiness,
  • provides a multitude of finishes and colours.
white sliding doors to a pantry in a modern kitchen

Why is wood a better option than furniture board?

  • it is ecological,
  • it allows you to get the effect of naturalness,
  • always fashionable and timeless,
  • it is a perfect base for interior design,
  • it introduces an impression of cosiness,
  • provides a multitude of finishes and colours.

Full paint coverage: with or without knots?

Among the products available at Reno shop you will find models with wooden knots and knotless interior wooden doors. Knots are remnants of branches that grew into a tree trunk. They create characteristic shapes that are darker than the rest of the wood. This is a completely natural effect and is usually harmless to the structure of the product.

For some people, the presence of knots will be a disadvantage, and for others, an advantage. In this case, a lot depends on our individual preferences. However, before making a decision, you should pay attention to a few relevant facts:

In the case of opaque white colour, we do not recommend wood with knots. Over the years, they may turn yellow, which will disturb the aesthetics of wooden room doors.

For this reason, all products painted in opaque white colour, that you can find in our offer, are deeply brushed and made of knotless wood.

You should also pay attention to the visibility of the wood structure on white sliding doors. Here, too, it all depends on the client's preferences: do you prefer a natural effect or a uniform surface? In the case of white opaque colour, the visible structure we obtain by deep brushing the products.

Do you want to create a specific effect?

You can buy unfinished internal doors and finish them yourself, e.g. with special chalk paints.

Small space? It's not a problem

There is no doubt that white sliding doors will be a great way to add spaciousness to any space. And not only because they act as a "moving wall". Light colour is one of the best methods to brighten and visually enlarge an interior. Interior wooden doors in bright colours will be a suitable solution for both large and small apartments.

  • White is a universal colour and always fashionable
  • Optically enlarges and illuminates the interior
  • According to psychologists, it help relaxation and allows the eyes to rest
  • It creates an impression of cleanliness
  • We can easily combine it with any other colour
  • It is the perfect decorative background for other items

Where to install white sliding doors?

Due to their specific properties, i.e. creating the so-called illusion of spaciousness, our wooden, white models are perfect for places with little space. Their presence will not cause an overwhelming effect in apartments and studio flats. They will also be a great option in those places where we want to use sliding doors in a way that they "blend in" with the rest of the room. Therefore, when our goal is to blend in perfectly with the rest of the room and match the equipment in any colour, it is best to choose one of the elegant, fashionable and common shades of white wood.

pendant lamp paper lampshade, white sliding doors for the wardrobe, barn door in the walk-in closet, a system of white wardrobes and shelves in the dressing room, large wardrobe in white, white doors on a white sliding system
laundry room sliding door, white sliding door, sliding door system modern farmhouse, laundry door, sliding door, grey colours
white sliding door to the pantry

White sliding doors - a universal solution for any room

The offered wooden sliding doors are a universal solution that can be used in a range of rooms:

  • residential,
  • office,
  • gastronomic,
  • public utilities (hotels, beauty salons, holiday complexes, SPA & Wellness facilities, etc.).

Wall-mounted white room doors can be installed on any wall, regardless of the construction technology in which they were made (brick, concrete, steel, plasterboard, etc.). They are completed with a sliding system that is easy to install. It is enough to mount a suitable sliding track on the wall and bottom guides on the floor.

In addition to saving space, greater possibilities of arranging internal spaces, dividing the interior into zones (room, lounge, bedroom, kitchen, office, utility and others) and easy installation, the advantage of this type of solution are also its aesthetic value. The strikingly finished wing of the white wooden door can become a decoration of the room and perfectly complement the decor of the hotel reception, wellness salon or apartment decorated in a rustic or Scandinavian style.


The method of white finish of the door and the interior design - which option to choose?

The models of interior doors available in our offer, finished in the colour of classic opaque white, will look beautiful, among others, in the kitchen, living room, hotel reception or doctor's office, decorated in a modern minimalist style. Whereas, for residential and commercial spaces dominated by the colours of nature, wooden elements of equipment and, for example, folklore accessories - a texture made of deeply brushed spruce or pine wood will be perfect.

Which white door to rustic style rooms?

The rustic style characterizes functionality, simplicity of the decor, earthy colours and natural materials used for interior decoration. Pine and oak wood are the basic raw materials that reflect the essence and specificity of this arrangement style. Wooden walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, sculptures and handicraft decorations are the attributes of the rustic character of the room. This peculiar arrangement perfectly matches white doors with visible grains that beautifully contrast with dark ceiling beams, a grey kitchen countertop or a stone fireplace. The best choice is deeply-brushed rustic white colour, available in various degrees of abrasion.

The models available in our offer, equipped with a sliding system, are an ideal and practical element of living room arrangement. They separate the kitchen from the dining room, the bathroom from the living room and the bedroom from the hall. It is an arrangement detail that will perfectly match the rustic style. Thanks to it, the spaces will become even more functional.

Wooden doors in various shades of white - which one to choose for a Scandinavian-style interior?

Another design style where white wooden doors are dominant is the Scandinavian interior style. Considering our models, we recommend the ones painted in bold shades of opaque or rustic white.

Bright colours, a limited number of furniture, functionality, pragmatism, utility, minimalist decor, natural accessories, elements and raw materials (wool, cotton, linen, jute, wood, brick, stone), ecology - these are the most important attributes and the essence of Nordic style. For many years, this interior design style has delighted all those who appreciate original yet simple and architecturally functional solutions and those, who love minimalism in furniture and wooden decorations. It is the perfect style for people who like bright interior spaces dominated by white, beige, grey and subdued colours.

The modern Nordic design is timeless, and it also makes the use of the rooms very comfortable. Perfect for small and large houses.

Choose a practical and at the same time very aesthetic, white wooden door

As you can see, the white interior doors available in our offer will fit practically any type of room, both residential and commercial. They are comfortable and practical because they allow you to make the most of the available space. In addition, our wooden door models are an original decorative element that suits interiors finished in various styles. We invite you to order them in the online store