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The distance between the sliding door and the wall

People interested in buying our products often ask about the gap between the sliding door and the wall after installation. Will the skirting boards, switches and contacts interfere with their installation. Are the sliding doors tight? In the article below, you will learn what determines the distance between the sliding door and the wall and how big is this gap. Thus, you will learn the answers to all the above questions.

Installation of sliding doors and the distance from the wall

Wall-mounted sliding doors move along the wall. It is possible thanks to the sliding track, the rollers and the bottom guide. To ensure safe and durable installation, the sliding track should be mounted to the wall above the door opening with 10 cm screws. The screws enter the wall by about 6 cm.

After installing the sliding system and fixing the door leaves with a thickness of 4 cm, the distance to the wall is approximately 1,8 cm with standard installation. All Reno door models from the Elegance and Rustical lines are 4 cm thick.

This distance also depends on the system used. The Hamak system mounted on the top of the door and designed for doors with a thickness of 3,5 to 4 cm makes this distance greater and amounts to 2,4 cm (with 4 cm of door-leaf thickness). For the Hamak system, the gap between the wall and the door will be bigger by 0,6 cm compared to other systems.

On the other hand, the models from the Industrial line (Osbe) are thinner and have a thickness of 2,3 cm, which with the use of integrated hangers gives a distance of about 3 cm from the wall. Loft and Piano models, as well as models with glass (Atelier, Verriere and Glasso) with a total leaf thickness of 4 cm, are spaced from the wall by 2,4 cm.

We have prepared a dedicated solution for thin doors. The SLIM sliding system was designed for thin sliding doors. It allows you to reduce the gap between the door leaf and the wall to 1.5 cm. It is perfect for sliding doors made of a furniture board with a standard thickness of 1.8 cm. The SLIM sliding system allows optimizing the distance between the door and the wall. It can be used for all lengths of the sliding track.

The distance between the door and the power sockets and skirting boards

If we assume that the sliding door protrudes from the wall by about 1,8 cm, standard skirting boards, which are 1,4 cm thick, switches 0,8-1 cm thick, or power sockets - 0,9-1.2 cm, without any problem, will fit on the wall along which the door leaf will slide. However, remember to measure all such elements before assembly.

PS: 1.8 cm is not that much! It's the same as a narrow watch strap - the cat won't squeeze through!


NOTE! Pay attention to whether the wall on which you install the sliding door is straight! Otherwise, something (skirting board, power socket, etc.) may get in the way of the door!

What to do if the skirting board or power sockets protrude more than 1,8 cm from the wall or if you need to reduce the gap?

In this case, you have two solutions to choose from. First, you can use a spacer. Thanks to this solution, you will get several additional options to increase or decrease the distance between the wall and the door.

Thanks to spacers of various sizes, we can get a distance of up to 2,8 cm or reduce it down to even to 1,3 cm. The greater distance between the door and the wall allows you to hang pictures and photos on the wall. The smaller one gives better tightness and leaves more space in the room. The table below presents the possibilities of combining different sizes of spacers.

Spacer Sliding system Door thickness


(between the door and the wall)

20mm + 10mm SIMPLE 4 cm 1,3 cm
35mm SIMPLE, ROLLER 4 cm 1,8 cm
35mm HAMAK* 4 cm 2,4 cm
20mm + 20mm SIMPLE, ROLLER 4 cm 2,3 cm
35mm + 10mm SIMPLE, ROLLER 4 cm 2,8 cm

** Dla systemu Hamak w pozostałych konfiguracjach dystans między drzwiami a ścianą będzie większy o 0,6 cm od pozostałych systemów.

However, please note that it is not possible to install more than one additional spacer.

Secondly, you can 'save' precious millimetres by choosing thinner doors that will give you additional space - even up to 2,5 cm.

Pictures on the adjacent wall? A good idea!

The distance between the sliding door and the wall also has its arrangement advantages. For example, it allows you to place posters, graphics or a fashionable dream catcher on the wall along which the door will slide! Such decorations, if they do not protrude from the wall more than the gap size, will not in any way interfere with the use of the door. What's more, they will help you to emphasize the character of the interior!


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