Sliding doors in modern colours

Between classic white and deep black, there is a whole range of colours. This gives great possibilities in interior design. More and more often we reach for colours from a non-standard palette, following the latest fashion trends or looking for our own style. Colours in the interior are not only the colours of walls, furniture or textiles. It is also worth paying attention to the colour of the door.

If you decide on a colourful sliding door, take some time to choose the right colour. You don't have to stick to any rules or boundaries regulating the use of a specific colour here. Take into account your own colour preferences, combine with a sense of style and add a bit of creativity. The effect may surprise you.

Reno sliding doors from the Modern line in the standard offer are available in selected colours of the RAL palette. Adding to this the other colours from the RAL palette and the NCS palette, we get several hundred shades available in the non-standard offer. Please contact us to order doors painted in an individually selected colour.

See selected propositions of colourful doors from an infinite palette of inspirations.

Classic colours - a timeless choice

open pantry door, sliding door for the pantry, black sliding door made of solid wood, decorative wreath on the door

White sliding doors are a very popular choice. Its popularity results from the ease of combining it with other colours. White is the most functional colour. It goes well with different materials and textures. The sliding door in white optically enlarges and illuminates a small interior. They are the perfect choice for Scandinavian, modern, English and rustic styles.

Black sliding doors will be a strong accent in the interior. Timeless black will give elegance and create a spectacular atmosphere. It combines well with wood and grey colours. Black doors will work best in spacious rooms decorated in industrial, minimalist, classic and modernist styles.

When we are not ready for bold colours, sliding doors in grey colours will be a nice compromise. Gray is a neutral colour and goes with almost everything. It creates harmonious compositions and is the perfect background for other colours. Trendy in recent years, grey is the most universal choice for modern, minimalist and classic interiors.

Anthracite doors are one of the current interior design trends. This mild version of the almost black colour adds a unique style and elegance. It works very well as a dark accent in a bright room or in combination with similar shades. Deep grey reigns in the finish of modern single-family houses.

Colours of the year - trendy tones

blue sliding door, modern style
sliding door modern style

Over the past few years, a shift away from traditional colours has been gaining popularity. Shades determined by the colourful trends in the world of design are becoming attractive. The year 2021 was dominated by the natural colours of the earth, sky blue and forest green, symbolizing the return to nature. 2022 is a continuation of these trends with an incentive to experiment and personalize. Unconventional furniture, accessories and colours should reflect our style and personality.

The natural colour palette is in line with the omnipresent trend of ecological design. Subtle shades of blue and green as well as friendly hues of brown and beige bring to mind nature. Sliding doors in these colours will help to create a cosy interior conducive to relaxation and leisure.

Subdued shades of green, yellow or off-white perfectly match the current trends of minimalism and simplicity. Such colourful interior doors will suit the very popular Scandinavian style. Delicate pastel colours applied onto the doors will introduce a light, fresh note to any interior. An interesting decorative effect will also be the door in the colour of the wall, which will complement the harmony of the interior.

A universal choice will be a mild palette of beige, cream and warm brown shades. The popularity of these colours is associated with the growing interest in natural fabrics and materials, as well as the search for comfort in the interior. Such sliding doors will naturally complement the interior decorated in the boho style or the increasingly popular japandi style.

Vivid colours - bold combinations

yellow sliding door, sliding pantry door, unique sliding system, yellow door, modern kitchen, pantry entrance, yellow wooden door

Usually, the colour of the sliding door matches the colour of the fixed elements in the room, i.e. the floor, furniture and windows. However, this does not have to be the rule. As we encouraged at the beginning, it is worth breaking out of the patterns and creating unusual arrangements. The use of vivid tones stays in line with the trends straight from the design fair. They are ideal colours for expressive design elements such as sliding doors.

Colourful interior doors are a bold solution. They fit modernist arrangements, where the leitmotif of the entire interior is an intense colour. They can be successfully used in the eclectic style. On the other hand, by combining vivid colours with earth tones, you can create a retro interior.

Colour contrasts are a proven way to enliven the interior and add a bit of avant-garde and modernity. You will get a joyful and bold effect when you install a pink sliding door. The right shade matched to the pastel elements of the surroundings will certainly create an original arrangement.

The juicy shade of plant green will refer to the inspiration of nature. Intensely blue sliding doors, reminiscent of a calm sea, will help to create a Mediterranean-style interior. The yellow sliding door will bring a bit of sunshine into your home, giving it an incredibly striking look.

Colourful sliding doors bring optimism and a large dose of energy to the interior. In addition, they attract attention and bring creativity to life.

How to choose the color of the sliding door?

When it comes to interior design, the right combination of colours is very important. Match them by similarity or contrast to create the right atmosphere. Remember that the colour also models the interior. Bright sliding doors will visually enlarge the space, darker doors look more impressive in larger rooms. It is worth recalling that sliding doors, like any door, connect two rooms or separate two living zones. Therefore, the colour should match the two parts that they connect. Sliding doors are themselves unique, and by adding colour to them, you will emphasize their decorative character.

white wooden door, large sliding door, white sliding system

Pay attention to details

Not only the colour of the sliding door, but also accessories, are of great importance. The sliding system and the handle should be consistent with the accessories in the interior. The white system will give lightness to the entire door structure and emphasize its modern character. The classic, black colour of the hangers will easily match the fashionable black interior accessories. The black sliding system will emphasize the unique character of the sliding door.

Have fun with the colours

Use your imagination and play with colours. Choose natural and versatile shades to create a simple arrangement with sliding doors that harmonize with the colour of the wall. Choose bold colours that will attract attention and be visible against the background of the wall, and will also fit nicely into the surroundings. Choose your favourite colour 🙂 A wide range of available colours of sliding doors is a great way to create an extraordinary interior.