Sliding door with a mirror - our inspirations

A sliding door with a mirror is an idea that will work in any interior. It fulfils two tasks simultaneously. First of all, such a solution is a great way to save space. Secondly, a sliding door with a mirror can become a unique decoration of your home or apartment. How to do it? We invite you for a handful of mirror inspirations!

Sliding door with a mirror - a space-saving idea

If you decide to choose the sliding door with a mirror, you get more than you might think at first glance. The great advantage of this solution is, of course, saving space. By integrating two decoration elements in one piece of furniture - a door and a mirror - you gain valuable space.

This type of mirror door also responds to the need to have a large mirror in the room. However, a tall and wide mirror usually takes up quite a lot of space, which we cannot afford in every home. Additionally, the cost of such a hybrid solution is lower than when purchasing both components separately.

In which rooms is it worth using this ingenious solution with a sliding door with a mirror? Take a look at our ideas.

Sliding doors with a mirror - how, where and when?

In the hallway, in the vestibule, in the corridor

Your corridor or hallway is small, and apart from a shoe cabinet and a small chest of drawers, do you want to install a hanger somewhere? Do you dream about a few nice graphics that would add character to your interior?

On top of that, you would like to fit a mirror in there. You cannot imagine - and rightly so - not to glance at your reflection just before leaving the house.

This is the place where our doors fit! Sliding door with a mirror, which you can install as the door leading to the other part of the house or another room. It will perfectly solve the lack of space problem, and you will be able to fit a few more items.

Also, remember that the doors, which slide along the wall with the help of a sliding system, protrude from it by 1.5 to 2.5 cm, so you can easily hang your dream posters on it.

Sliding door with a mirror as a door to a wardrobe or a walk-in closet

You can install a sliding door with a mirror as part of a wardrobe or dressing room. Regardless of whether it is located in a recess in the entrance corridor or in the bedroom. Such doors will be an excellent and, above all, functional idea.

The gap between the door and the wall, which is an indispensable element of the installation of doors with a wall-mounted sliding system, will also guarantee perfect ventilation, providing excellent conditions for storing clothes.

sliding door with a mirror in a metal frame on a grey wall in a loft-style bedroom in grey colours

A door with a mirror for the bathroom

The bathroom is another place where you would want to install mirrors. If your bathroom is small and you dream of a mirror big enough to see the whole silhouette in it, the sliding door with a mirror may prove to be an excellent solution to this problem.

A sliding door with a mirror in your bedroom

A similar role will play a door with a mirror mounted as a bedroom door - the entrance door or the door connecting the bedroom with the adjoining bathroom. Especially if your bedroom also has an open closet, or an old wardrobe with beautiful, carved doors but without a mirror.

If you choose a double hanging door system instead of a wall-mounted system, you can have mirrors on one side of the door (from the bedroom side), and on the other (from the corridor, for example), a material that matches the character of the decor.

Sliding door with a mirror - a way to illuminate and visually enlarge the interior

Sliding doors with a mirror become very popular in modern interiors and industrial-style interiors. Why? The answer is simple. Their owners do everything to make these interiors appear brighter and more spacious.

What do mirrored doors have to do with it? Our brain automatically associates the level of brightness in an interior with its size. The brighter the interior is, the bigger it seems to us. So if you use this interior design trick and make the light reflect in the mirror surface, you will get a spectacular brightening effect, and the room will optically gain a few precious square meters.

If this is the effect you want to achieve, if you want your living room or bedroom to appear more spacious, you should consider installing a large mirror in the room. But what if you don't have room to mount it on the wall? It is here that the sliding door with a mirror, the part, or the whole of which is a mirror pane, will prove its worth.

Idea for industrial-style interior

The perfect solution for minimalist and lofts interiors are models that combine a mirror with steel with a simple frame. This design matches the smooth surfaces and simple, functional forms characteristic of this type of interior.


Sliding door with a mirror - a unique interior decoration

In addition to gaining many practical advantages, a wall-mounted sliding door with a mirror, from the very first moment, will become an exceptionally original part of any interior design. Each element of the door - from the type, size and material of the frame surrounding the mirror pane, through the rollers to the sliding track, makes up the character of the door, which will create an atmosphere in your house or apartment like no other. Remember! Such doors will be a star!

Get inspiration from 'Make Home Easier' blog!

Are you wondering how you could use the idea of using a sliding door with a mirror in your interior? Are you looking for something other than traditional recess and you do not know how to go about it, and the possibility of enlarging the interior with the use of a mirror pane seems very tempting? See how Beata Kwiatkowska from realized her dream of a perfect wardrobe.

Sliding door with a mirror, how to cover a small niche, a mirror in a metal frame, a sliding door in the bedroom, a sliding door to the wardrobe, a large mirror in the bedroom
sliding door with a mirror, how to cover a small niche, a mirror in a metal frame, a sliding door in the bedroom, a large mirror in the bedroom

Made to measure, large, sliding mirror pane in a delicate metal frame of the Lara door with an elegant, subtle loft-style sliding track, beautifully blends in with the limited, minimalist colour palette dominating the interior, meeting all the expectations and requirements.

Choose a solution that suits your style

A similar solution can also be used to separate individual rooms or functional zones in the interior. If this style matches your idea of a modern home, allow yourself to be creative and choose a solution that suits all your needs.

At Reno we also offer, apart from the minimalist sliding doors with mirror, the LARA model, you will also find doors of a completely different nature. This is MIRRA model, sliding door with mirror, inspired by classic wooden barn doors. Made of knot-free pine wood. Solid wooden planks arranged vertically to form the back of the door. On the front, there is a mirror, surrounded by a wide wooden frame.

This design allows an easy, non-invasive way to integrate a cold, smooth mirror surface with wooden decor elements. Depending on the type of finish, it will suit rustic, Scandinavian, classic and modern interiors.

MIRRA door will be perfect as doors to a wardrobe, bedroom or hall. The possibility of using a natural colour of the finish, visible grain and texture of the wood will also subtly help to match their style to interiors dominated by wooden elements.

We hope that now you know how sliding doors with a mirror can add functionality and style to your interior. If you wonder whether to choose a mirror door or a different type of sliding door, check our online store. And maybe your interior will soon have an extraordinary character?