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Sliding door configurator - convenient solution, simple choice


Imagine a tool that will help you visualize the selection of products before you buy them. This is how our configurator works. Our tool allows: selection of the size, colour and layout of the door, uncomplicated selection of the sliding system, the ability to view the project in 3D, and even visualize the interior. Thanks to it, you will create a door perfectly suited to your needs, in a few seconds you will know their price and add it to the basket.

The configurator is a completely new shopping experience and a modern way to order your dream door without unnecessary steps. Ready to experience our configurator up close?

Minimalist Sliding Door

Why use the configurator?

  • Simple choice. You can directly look at the colour options, sizes and models you are interested in. You will clearly see the proportions, it will be easier to understand how the door will look in real conditions.
  • All in one place. You don't have to click between many product cards to decide what the final door should look like: will it be double- or single-leaf, which system will be suitable? You can choose and change every aspect in one place. On the same page, you will add the product directly to the basket and go to "Checkout". You'll also see the estimated shipping time.
  • Real-time editing. When making changes, the proportions of the designed door automatically change, and you can see exactly how a given model will look in different versions. Moreover, you can easily view the door from both sides, and if you decide that something is not 100% as you wanted - you can quickly make corrections and after a second you will see the effect of the changes.
  • Technical preview with dimensioning. We have added it to our configurator to make final verification easier for you. Thanks to this, you will make sure that the given door in a specific configuration will actually fit the interior, and above all - the door opening.
  • 3D preview available. With the configurator, you can view the door from every side. Select the icon in the upper right corner to freely rotate the generated model of the door of your choice.
  • AR elements. At the moment, Augmented Reality, i.e. live visualization of door in your interior, is available on mobile devices with iOS (iPhone, iPad). Thanks to AR, you can quickly check how the selected colour or door style will fit into your interior. Don't have an iPhone? You can try the AR possibilities offered by our Instagram and Facebook filters.
  • Ease of sharing. By using our sliding door configurator, you can share your chosen design with others. You can also transfer it from your computer to your mobile device to take advantage of the preview capabilities with AR. Just click on the heart to save a specific project in the 'Favourites' list.
  • Automatic pricing. You no longer have to add up the prices of individual elements that make up a set of sliding doors. The configurator includes all these elements and will show you the price of a complete set. Of course, the price will depend on the individual aspects of the project - size, colour, number of leaves, etc. The important information is that the price includes everything: from the door, through the sliding system, handles on both sides, to the cost of shipping.

How to use the configurator?

You already know why it is worth using the configurator. Now it's time for a short instruction. Fortunately, it's not complicated, so with this short guide, you'll be able to do it.

1. First, choose the door model you are interested in our online store, e.g. Minimalist Single. You will be automatically redirected to the configurator page.

2. Take a look at the possible options. Pay attention to the aspects you can choose from. You can experiment with the appearance of the door first, and then make sure that all available options are properly set up to meet your requirements.

3. Product view tools, that you can use during configuration

  • 3D Preview and Preview with Dimensioning (Section S1)
  • Close-up on product detail (+/-) and Rear view of the door (Section S2)

4. The elements you can edit for Minimalist Door (Section S3):

  • Style (round or crescent-shaped handle);
  • Colour (choose from those available);
  • Handle (light or dark);
  • Width (in centimetres - you can set it up using the slider);
  • Height (in centimetres - you can set it up using the slider);
  • Track (in the standard option, the configurator will set the recommended length of the guide itself; if you need a non-standard length, use the 'Custom' option and select the length of the track using the slider);
  • Configuration (single/double door);
  • Orientation (left door / right door - the choice of this option will determine where the handle will be installed; check the visualization whether the selected option will be suitable for the layout of your interior).

5. If you want, you can share the project with others or save it to your 'Favourites' by clicking on the heart (Section S4). After clicking, you will see a preview of the model and two options to save the project for later: sending it to the selected e-mail address or sharing it on social media.

6. To send the finished project to us for production, add it to the basket and make the payment (Section S4). In the summary before proceeding to checkout, you'll see all your selected options again, as well as the total price and approximate time of shipment.

7. Ready! Your door will soon enter the production phase. Excited? Because we are 🙂