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Safety of sliding doors - what elements make Reno doors safe?

Are sliding doors safe? What prevents the door from rolling out of the sliding track? Does the door have a bottom guide? We get such questions from you every day. If you are interested in the safety of sliding doors, this article has been created to dispel your doubts and explain what makes our doors completely safe to use.

You will learn about:

  • Bottom guide
  • Anti-jumps
  • Stoppers

One of the most important matter we care about when designing sliding doors is their safety. We want our product to be completely safe for its users. As you know, sliding doors are a beautiful decoration of the house, they create a unique atmosphere in the interior, add style to it and are often a focal point that catches the eye. However, they are not just decoration! They function as a door, are frequently used, and shouldn't cause any risk. That is why we add a safety kit to the sliding systems, which makes the use of our sliding doors completely safe. This set includes bottom guides, anti-jumps and stoppers.

Bottom guide


We offer three types of bottom guides. As standard, to each order, we add a "U" bottom guide and a "T" bottom guide. These are guides for mounting to the floor. The "U" bottom guide is dedicated to the door in a metal frame. The two parts of the bottom guide cover the door on both sides, forming a track on which the door moves, thus preventing it from wobbling.


Bottom guide "T" is intended for wooden doors. Its protruding part enters a special cutter made at the bottom of the door, making it impossible for the door to swing forward and backwards.


An additional bottom guide, which we send at the customer's special request, is the bottom "R" guide. Unlike the others, it is mounted to the wall. Bottom guide "R" has a characteristic roller that facilitates the smooth sliding of the door and prevents its wobbling. This guide has been designed for interiors where standard bottom guides cannot be installed, for example, due to underfloor heating.



Sliding doors are mounted on the sliding track and move along it. Anti-jumps are mounted on top of the sliding door. They reduce the distance between the door and the sliding track, in the place of installation of anti-jumps. It ensures that the door does not "jump out" from the track. So you don't have to worry that, when you close the door more tightly or when they run into a toy left on the floor and accidentally go up, it will cause them to fall out of the track. Our safety system prevents such accidents. Anti-jumps are two small wheels that make the sliding door secure.



As the name suggests, stoppers are used to stop the door in the right place. Their position can be adjusted to suit your needs. Stoppers can be placed anywhere on the sliding track, except for screw mounting points. Stoppers regulate the movement of the door to the right and left.

We have designed a safety kit that guarantees the use of sliding doors without risk. We know that this is a very important thing for you, and us too! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety of our products, please write to us!