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How to use Augmented Reality in the interior design? Reno Case

Have you ever hesitated to buy online because you were not sure if it was really it? Or maybe you didn't buy your dream sofa online because the store didn't offer fabric samples? In Reno, we know perfectly well that interior design requires an individual approach, which is why colour samples are an absolute basis that we provide. But it is not everything. Some time ago we introduced AR support, i.e. Augmented Reality, thanks to which you will see (without leaving your home or any additional costs) how specific door models will present themselves in your interior. How it's working? What is AR all about? Below we will answer all those questions.


AR in the world of interiors

Let's start with a quick definition - Augmented Reality (AR), can be simply defined as a combination of the real world with the computer-generated one. An example of AR are all the filters you can associate with Facebook or Instagram - the ones that give you a light make-up or change your hair colour, and even place a movie characters into your room. AR is a lot of fun and possibilities, which is why we decided to use the possibilities of this technology by introducing it to the world of interior design. After all, good design requires a reasonable approach, and what could be better than seeing how a given element fits into the interior?

Our AR filters allow you to see how Reno sliding doors will look in your home. You can try them in the proper scale in the entrance to the kitchen, living room, bedroom or dressing room. Below, we will show you where you can find filters on our social media, and we will tell you what to do to get the right effect. You will also see how the AR visualization and the decorated interior look like (a little hint: yes, it is spectacular!).

How can AR help in interior design? Advantages

Easy to use

Using AR filters is often a lot of fun. Experimenting with the arrangement of your dream door, browsing through different colours and testing whether wood or metal will look better in a given interior is pure pleasure. Our filter is used just like any other filter you may already know from Instagram. Of course, technology, like any other, can also bring challenges - no tools are perfect. What our filters offer is not a perfect visualization, but a practical preview.

Show it to others!

You can easily share or send the interior with the visualization of the Reno door to your loved ones to ask their opinions. Just record a video or take a photo, and you can upload it to your stories or send it to your partner or children. After all, if you share a space with someone, it's good to find out what they think about it! Similarly, if you trust your friend when it comes to interior design, you definitely want to show him your arrangements. AR allows you to share ideas with others.

Check what is not obvious

You can rarely see sliding doors in real interiors. While you will find swing doors in every home, sliding doors are not a very well-known category. It is possible that even if they have been delighting you for a long time, you have not yet had the opportunity to see them live. With AR you will see sliding doors in an authentic interior, see how they open and consider their functionality.

AR at Reno. Where can you find our filters?

On Facebook in the filter library, e.g.:

Na Instagramie:

How to get there?


  • Go to our profile - necessarily from a phone or other mobile device with a camera.
  • Go below our bio. There you will see a three-star symbol - click on it to see the available filters.
  • Choose any filter… and you're done! You can experiment by changing the colours.
  • Recordings can be saved or shared on stories, both on Instagram and Facebook.

Hint: you can also get here from recording stories! Search for a filter by Reno, or when you come across content with our filter, click on its name and continue.

Theory and practice - effects

loft glass door, metal door with glass for the kitchen, bright kitchen with an island, graphite tiles on the wall, golden lamp on a black console, black openwork console with a mirror in the hall

Why are we using AR in Reno?

It's simple - we want to make it easier for you to arrange the interior of your dreams. Thanks to AR, it will be easier for you to imagine our sliding doors in your space in the most realistic way. This is a technological novelty and innovation thanks to which you will be sure that you are making the right decision.

IG offers a quick preview of selected models - you can choose the right / left door, one pane, three panes, wood, metal, individual colors, etc. Everything is created from the filter level, you don't need anything other than a working camera, Instagram / Facebook application and the Internet connection.

However, some options are limited, so if that's not enough for you, check out our product configurator.

Online configurator

On our website you will also find a configurator that will help you choose the right door, and finally preview the effect (important - you need a mobile device with iOS and a working camera).