How to install sliding doors in 3 steps

When arranging a small apartment, it is very common that every square centimetre counts. One of the ways to gain additional space is to install sliding doors, single or double leaf. Contrary to popular belief, this is a fairly simple task that you will successfully complete on your own. You are only 3 steps away from enjoying the great functionality of the sliding door systems. In the article, you will find a step-by-step guide through all the assembly steps - check it now!

Sliding doors match any interior style


At the beginning, you should learn about the most important advantages of sliding door systems, as saving space is just the one of them. Another is that they blend in perfectly with any interior style. You can install them regardless of whether you are a fan of modern arrangements or classic style.

Other important advantages of this solution include:

  • very simple assembly - thanks to the clear instructions, you can assemble the sliding doors, single or double, on your own without the need for specialized tools
  • ease of use - the door-leafs slide very smoothly along the track, so they can be closed and opened without the need to use a lot of force
  • protection of furniture, walls and, most of all, the doors - you eliminate the risk of bumping the furniture associated with classic door solutions

Installation of sliding doors in 3 steps - check how easy it is!

The lack of technical knowledge is not a problem when it comes to an installation of a sliding system on your own. On our website, you will find instructions for all models of sliding doors, which clearly show the step-by-step installation guides.

The details of the process of installation may vary depending on the model of the sliding system and whether you choose a single or double leaf door. However, in virtually every case, it includes 3 basic steps.

  1. mounting the sliding track
  2. screwing on hangers - applies only to wooden models
  3. mounting the security systems

Step 1 - mounting the track for the sliding door

The sliding track is a key element of sliding systems - the door slide on it. It is mounted to the wall above the upper edge of the door opening. To complete this task, you will only need a measuring tape, a spirit level, a drill and a socket wrench. Be sure to follow the appropriate assembly instructions, strictly keeping to the distances as indicated.

Step 2 - screwing the hangers

You will only need to complete this assembly step if you have chosen the wooden doors. This step is about screwing the hangers to the door frame. On metal doors, the hangers are integrated into the frame. Hangers are other key elements - the wheels attached to their ends roll on the aforementioned track.

The method of determining the mounting points for hangers can be found in the instructions appropriate for a given sliding system. The location of these points depends on many factors, including door configuration - single or double leaf.

Step 3 - mounting the sliding door security systems

The final step is to attach all elements of the security system. Their task is to increase the safety of use of single or double-leaf sliding doors. The method of assembly depends on the chosen sliding door system, so be sure to read the manual before starting the work.

You will have 3 components to attach:

  • anti-jumps - mounted on the top of the door leaf, preventing it from falling out of the track,
  • bottom guides - facilitate smooth sliding of the doors and reduce wobbling; depending on the model, they are screwed to the floor or wall just above the floor,
  • stoppers - are used to adjust the door movement range to the left and to the right and areĀ  are attached to the sliding track

Install the sliding door and enjoy its functionality!

As you can see, installing such a system on your own is simple. You can find all assembly instructions for single or double leaf sliding doors here. Following them, you will quickly do all the work and enjoy the great functionality of the sliding door system. See for yourself, that the investment in such a door solution is a fantastic choice!